Window Tinting
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most frequently asked questions and answers about our Window Tinting services.

Yes. We provide a lifetime limited warranty after each job protecting against defects such as fading, peeling, bubbling, blistering, delamination, color change, adhesive failure etc..

  • 5% film is the darkest film offered. It is also known as Limo tint. It is for the customers who want the most out of the privacy window film offers.

Yes. You may wash your vehicle as soon as the installation is done. The film is installed on the inside of the car & a car wash will never affect the film.

Typically it would be 3 days to roll down the windows, however if installing our carbon ceramic line. I recommend waiting 5 days before rolling them down.

To a average vehicle, it takes 1 to 2 hours. To tint a house or building it could take up most of the day (5-8 hours) depending on the square footage of the windows .

The back windows of a vehicle can be as dark as desired. The driver, passenger, & windshield windows must allow 70% of visible light to pass. 

Depending on the year make & model of the vehicle prices may vary. Although it is broken up into a few different categories – Coupe | Sedan | SUV. To get a free quote just let us know the year, make, & model of the vehicle needing window film.